Rex Process #2

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What is REX#2?


Petroleum industry waste traetment.




Handling, treatment, and transformation of liquid waste from the petrochemical industry, separating sulfur and generating fuel additives.



With the implementation of IMO 2020 regulations by the International Maritime Organization, the sulfur content in marine fuels has been limited to 0.50% (from the current 3.50%). This poses challenges in the utilization of excess fuel oil and requires solutions to improve the quality and reduce pollution associated with its consumption.



Rex Monte's Strategy

At Rex Monte, we aim to improve the quality of fuel oil produced in Mexico by reducing sulfur content, thus mitigating pollution associated with its consumption.

separar residuos sólidos


Our Process



The REX#2 process primarily focuses on sulfur removal, enabling us to reduce sulfur content in fuel oil from 9% to levels below 0.5%.



Rex Monte's Goals

Avoid emissions equivalent to 46 kg on average per treated ton of sulfur dioxide (SO2).


Avoid an estimated emission of 36.8 tons on average of sulfur dioxide (SO2) equivalent to the production in 2020.