Rex Process #3

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What is REX#3?

Wastewater treatment.

Handling, treatment, and transformation of wastewater from various sectors, generating water of different qualities according to Mexican standards.


Globally 48% of wastewater is currently discharged without treatment. Only 11% of wastewater produced worldwide is reused.

In Mexico, wastewater discharges are classified as municipal (urban and rural public supply) and non-municipal (other uses such as self-supplied industry). Official figures indicate that 52.7% of municipal wastewater and 32% of non-municipal wastewater are treated.

Rex Monte's Strategy

At REX MONTE, we strive to provide the best processes for efficient water treatment and purification. We invest in the development of water treatment technologies that eliminate contaminants and ensure water quality within the NOM-003-SEMARNAT-1997, NOM-127-SSA1-1994, and NOM-127-SSA1-1994 standards. This involves the use of filtration systems, disinfection, and the removal of chemicals and harmful substances present in water.


Our Process

The REX#3 process can be customized to achieve water quality suitable for specific usage requirements after treatment.


Rex Monte's Goals

  • Prevent diseases in the population.
  • Prevent soil and aquifer contamination.
  • Alleviate the alarming water scarcity issue in some areas of the country.