Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is “Contaminated site”?

Contaminated site means a site where there is a confirmed presence, caused by man, of hazardous substances of such a level that they pose a significant risk to human health or the environment taking into account current and approved future use of the land.


What are the advantages of REX MONTE's remediation technology?

We represent an ecologically and commercially favorable alternative to traditional waste management methods. We are a company with technological and professional processing equipment to supervise your contaminated site remediations. Our group of engineers assesses your plant and recommends total solutions to your processes, making it more productive and qualifying it for CSR.


Why should I choose REX MONTE for my waste processing needs?

We are a flexible and profitable company that generates green alternatives for waste and contaminated sites.


What waste do you specialize in? / I don’t see my specific waste listed. Can you still help me?

Contact us and a specialized advisor will help you examine how we can be part of your solution.


What are your office hours?

Core hours are 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and are expandable to a 24 hour work day as the workload on specific projects demands.


What certifications do your facilities have? / Are your facilities ISO 9001 certified?

Our facilities are not ISO 9001 certified, but we have begun the process of becoming certified.


I am interested in disposing a particular waste, but don’t know its composition. Can REX MONTE help with that?

We have a specialized team of scientists, trained in waste characterization and extensive experience with many processes who are available to help companies in need.



Questions about the process

What is the capacity of your gasification and water treatment plants?

Our plants can be designed and adapted based on the current and future demand in the area to develop the project. We currently have a plant that manages around 1,200 tons of Municipal solid waste daily, which would otherwise end up buried in the ground.


Does the gasifier plant collect the waste or do I?

Generally, the client provides the waste. Our technicians could train your staff for the efficient and safe handling of your waste.


What types of waste do you process?

REX MONTE's main focus is the processing of solid materials, slurries and liquid mixtures, but occasionally gases have been treated.


What are the types of water that can be treated?

Sewage, industrial, saline, oily, congenital, among others.


Are there any limitations on the size of the waste to be treated?

Different services require certain size of feed materials, please call to discuss your application.


Do I need to worry about regulations compliance?

We comply with all national regulations and will adapt to new regulations.


Does REX MONTE sign confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure forms?

We will sign confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure forms in all case studies and processes.


Is there a list of chemicals or materials that you do not manage?

There is no particular list, but we do not process radioactive materials.


What are your safety and regulatory standards?

REX MONTE has an in-house Safety Manual and follows all international regulations.


What is your minimum order quantity for processing?

We do not have a minimum handling for processing, small volume services will have a higher rate per volume unit according to their origin.


Can you offer smaller treatments and trial batches?

We can offer a lab test for certain services, as well as on-site reviews.



Customer Support Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question or a problem?

Jesús Cavazos
E-mail :
Phone: (81) 8190-3518


Where can I visit a plant?

You can visit our pilot plant in Monterrey Nuevo León, contact us for more details.